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Speaking with a loud voice

Like the early days of VCRs and home video, the landscape of immersive media is a cluster of fragmented hardware and formats. We first set out to provide a technology solution to solve this fragmentation issue for the biggest and most ambitious publishers in the industry. Now we’re sharing our technology with others so that they too can bring their stories to audiences across all devices.

ENABLING NEW STORIES with new technologies

With 360° video we’ve experienced the beginning of what lean-back immersive experiences have to offer. As the VR marketplace continues to evolve, more and more storytellers are bringing their dreams to life in game engines like Unity and Unreal.

Universal Publishing

Vusr’s patented publishing software empowers creators to publish real-time rendered experiences into an existing application, without requiring a forced app update or additional downloads. Vusr users can drop new video and game engine experiences with ease, pushing out new content to global audiences with the push of a button, all through the same, simple app.

REACHING BEYOND the early adopters

While interest in immersive technologies grows daily, the cost of the at-home consumer hardware remains high. Fortunately, a new industry of Location Based Entertainment (LBE) providers has emerged to serve the demands of mass-market audiences.

A VIRTUAL one-stop platform

Vusr offers LBE providers a fully-loaded, one-stop solution for all their customer service management needs. User onboarding, content licensing and distribution, system maintenance and even point of sale support and individual pod tracking for managers working onsite or by remote.

Many futurists have predicted that VR arcades will soon usurp movie theaters as the leading format for social, location-based entertainment. Vusr is working ahead of this global trend, laying down the groundwork for this industry. Together with our partners, we’re creating experiences with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality that are proving to be as novel and entertaining as going to the movies once was.

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