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Our Technology

Speaking with a loud voice

Like the early days of VCRs and home video, the landscape of immersive media is a cluster of fragmented hardware and formats. We first set out to provide a technology solution to solve this fragmentation issue for the biggest and most ambitious publishers in the industry. Now we’re sharing our technology with others so that they too can bring their stories to audiences across all devices.

ENABLING NEW STORIES with new technologies

As the VR marketplace evolves, creators are bringing their stories to life with 360° video, and experiences developed in game engines like Unity and Unreal, but market fragmentation makes it difficult to share this content. That’s why Secret Location created Vusr: a suite of products to help creators and location-based entertainment operators distribute, manage and monetize their VR content.

Vusr Publisher

Vusr Publisher helps creators and publishers access a wide audience across all major HMDs, maximizing consumption and monetization. Vusr’s patented software empowers creators to publish 360° video and real-time rendered experiences into the same application, without requiring an app update or separate download. Top organizations such as The New York Times have already taken advantage of this innovative solution, and over 1 million consumers have downloaded a Vusr-powered VR app to date.


Vusr Spark offers creators a dashboard for content licensing & asset management, content protection, and real time access to usage data. Vusr Spark is built on blockchain technology, offering the highest level of transparency to creators.

Vusr Venue

Vusr Venue is an all-in-one solution that creates operational efficiencies for location based entertainment operators. Vusr Venue’s robust CMS makes it simple to create operator accounts, update and deploy VR content, detect hardware issues, and manage stations remotely.

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